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DEX EXCHANGE  –Platforms

DEX Exchange is enabling two in-house exchange platforms, one for a full p2p UI for TRX and TRX10/20 verified token types and projects. This will be the “TRXDEX” Exchange platform. Further announcements will be developed into this section soon in the coming future.

The main in-house exchange is powered by SHIFT’s technology that you may learn more about and explore via the “BETA Exchange” section of this website. This allow’s for TRON, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum types cryptocurrencies to trade and exchange. Further technologies will be applied and integrated as well to provide a great user experience and trade tools ability. Along with features such as atomic swaps and full liquidity management system to keep order books full 24 hours a day.

Mission statements

DEX Exchange provides a global user experience to secure a true and tangible utilization of decentralized trading that is both innovative and “Peer To Peer”.

The DEX Exchange in house trading exchange when fully built and launched after beta testing provides multiple trade pairings of TRON TRX and TRX10/20 Legitimate and Verified Cryptocurrency Types.

DEX Exchange will also feature TRON (TRX), BITCOIN (BTC), LITECOIN (LTC), ETHEREUM (ETH) Pairing & Exchange Trading.

Company Policies

DEX Exchange, its partnerships and its affiliates assumes no responsibility over all ICO participants and the choices of such participation in allocations of funds into the DEX Exchange, ICO and investments into the DEXExchange and or its cryptocurrencies.

News and Media Articles 

Check back often here to stay up to date on any and all media releases about DEX Exchange developments and progresses. 

Executive profiles

Kin Kendall: CEO. Frontend/backend encorder and digital graphic designer and creative technician.

Srinjoy Chakravarty: CTO. Solidity Smart Contract Developments and auditing.

Varied Development TeamBackend and frontend GUI. Smart Contract Developments.

The ICO and exchange team will be growing and adding additional members here moving forwards.

If your are a developer, social media marketer, technical blockchain based professional and or software and hardware encoder, digital designer and exchange platform designer/engineer please put in a formal contact to join the team and bring your services to the table long term. Benefit yourself longterm into the future of DEX Exchange successes by joining the team today to fulfill the true decentralization of global cryptocurrency trading and exchanging.

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 Affiliations & applied technologies

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