DEX Exchange Cryptocurrency Listing Consultation

Do you need for your cryptocurrency type to begin trading upon the open market with multiple pairing capabilities?

Book a consultation now to set an in person business conference or telephonic conference meeting to overview your cryptocurrency type, what it serves the global spectrum and what it solves.

Further criteria review and informational learning on both DEX Exchange and you the cryptocurrency type owner/creator/founder will take place during this time, to finalize whether or not your cryptocurrency type fits and is appropriate to begin trading upon the DEX Exchange listing pool.

***Be Advised: Your Cryptocurrency and Backing/Underlying Project Needs:

 A Website.

A Whitepaper.

A Roadmap/Outline Of The Project.

A Transparent Team Of At Least One Legitimate Leader/Founder.

We at times may find that very legitimate and transparent projects with products and a blockchain cryptocurrency being important to the global economy and structure longterm may be in fact fully sponsored by DEX Exchange to become listed for free.

***This service will include all additions of a full review and marketing package along with youtube live reviews and twitter recap reviews of your ICO/ITO and business platform/project developments with AD space of your cryptocurrency and entity.

Schedule & Book a Consultation

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